Delta Powerboats

The inventive spirit

Founded by a Swedish team of experienced yachtsmen and boat builders, the Delta philosophy is rooted in a strong tradition of Scandinavian yacht design. Our journey began with a limited range of pilothouse boats built for fast, comfortable and efficient island commuting in the archipelagos of Sweden. Today the range has evolved and encompasses agile day cruisers, versatile hardtop cabin cruisers and luxury-class performance yachts made of carbon fiber. Core features found across the range are our strong and user-friendly design concepts and high build quality along with outstanding fuel efficiency and hydrodynamic performance. 

In 2007 we introduced the Sidewalk concept with Delta 29 sw. An asymmetric deck arrangement that facilitates safe passages between the aft and the bow of the boat while providing increased interior space. In 2010 we challenged the status quo of the motoryacht industry whith the launch of Delta 54, the first production powerboat in the world made of carbon fiber, yielding a reduction of fuel consumption and emissions with up to 40 percent in our Carbon series. The pioneering  54 ips and the flagship 88 carbon have both been appointed winners at the MB&Y Motor Boat of the Year Awards.  

The pursuit of innovative solutions, new materials and technologies allows us to continuously refine our range and make the boats even more comfortable, safe and efficient. This is made possible thanks to the 140 dedicated engineers and craftsmen employed at the Delta factory, located on the island of Saaremaa off the Estonian coast. So far, a total of 600 Delta have been built and delivered to owners all over the world. 

To enable us to create the most memorable yachting experience for our customers, we do not treat customers as such. Rather, we develop a client relationship. From sea trials to final delivery, we have an ongoing dialogue and as a prospective Delta owner you are welcome to suggest improvements and adaptions to your new boat or to visit the factory while your boat is being built. In that sense all of our boats are made to order, co-created with the client, making each Delta unique and devised for her owner’s pride and pleasure.

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