Puffin® Yachts are designed by Olivier van Meer and built by VMG Yachtbuilders in Enkhuizen, The Netherlands. Puffin® Yachts are built according to the highest quality standards to provide safety and comfort during long distance sailing and onboard living. Puffin’s® are made to be sailed by a short-handed crew and equipped with a retractable center board which enables cruising in shallow waters and drying out on any bottom.

The building of a Puffin® Yacht is always a semi-custom project. Fixed are the outspoken characteristics like the bowsprit, window shape, slightly negative stern and tumble home. All of these details together guarantee for excellent sailing characteristics and its sturdy, classic looks. Apart from that anything is open for discussion with the designer. As a logical result every Puffin® is different and unique in its kind.

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