Valuation for sale at VMG Yachting

“Everything comes at a price”, is a saying you’ve probably heard at some point. So what is the appropriate price to ask for your boat in its current condition? We check what the asking prices are of equivalent yachts in our sales region (Europe). We also look into the prices similar yachts were sold for recently. We use different databases of the platforms on which we advertise, in addition to our own system. This way we can give you honest and well substantiated advice in a relatively short period of time. Our advice, a fair-market value, is always based on data from the past 3 years and the decades of experience of our yacht brokers.

Not a series boat

Do you have a boat of which not many have been built and / or which have changed a lot over the years? We will look a bit further than our usual working method to determine an appropriate asking price. We will investigate similar ships that we believe may be of interest to a buyer and compare them to your boat.

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Appraisal for insurance or other purposes

VMG Yachting has multiple EMCI certified master appraisers within the team. They can create reports that will be accepted by any insurance company.

We can also give you a valuation of a boat that is for sale elsewhere, for example privately or at a fellow broker. In unpleasant situations, such as a property settlement or an inheritance, we are there for you as well. We are happy to share our knowledge with you.

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